CD “Body of Light by Aadil Palkhivala




This deeply restoring meditation is much more than a guided relaxation – it is a magical tool for transforming your life with the power of Light. Designed by Aadil for yoga and meditation students, this meditation guides you to radiate the highest vibration of energy into your body on a cellular level. Slow paced, with pauses which allow you to implement the wonderful instructions, this meditation will leave you relaxed, revitalized, and filled with joy and light. You will feel the radiance of your Spirit glowing around you.Listen to it upon waking, once a day for 21 consecutive days to reprogram your nervous system, or listen to it anytime you need a boost of energy from your Spirit. This live recording was made at a Purna Yoga retreat in Hawaii. You can hear the coquis frogs in the background! It has been kindly and painstakingly edited in London by Drew Stallcop, Certified Purna Yoga Instructor.