Alive and Shine (Music) by Zenia

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Zenia is a singer-songwriter and musician that is known for writing positive, wise and relatable music. At 10 years old she studied piano with Akiko and Forrest Kinney for 5 years, using Kinney’s unique method of improvisation. She then began improvising and composing her own pieces; producing and recording original songs shortly thereafter. She taught herself guitar, learning instruments and songs easily by ear. Alive and Shine, her debut album, contains 8 original songs produced at home, composed, written and sung by Zenia. This album shows her remarkable ability to self-produce with the passion creating songs that come from her heart. The album reflects her love of writing positive and thought-provoking lyric, mixed with haunting tunes to remind us all to live from our heart. She has written over 100 songs to date. Her dedication to her craft, willingness to reach her dreams, and adorable demeanor, makes her a joy and an inspiration to know and work with.



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