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Hip Series Workshop

Embark on a transformative journey with Aadil Palkhivala's 'The Hip Series,' part of Purna Yoga. Designed to address hip issues and enhance mobility, this popular video series offers dynamic practices suitable for all levels. With expert guidance, unlock the potential of your hips for greater flexibility and well-being.

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Journey to Love | Part Two

Heartfull Meditation and Lifestyle presents Part Two of the transformative workshop series, led by Savitri. Building upon foundational teachings, participants delve deeper into heart-centered practices and advanced techniques for living authentically and joyfully. Through immersive experiences and practical guidance, attendees continue their journey towards profound healing, resilience, and transformation. Join Savitri for the next chapter in unlocking the boundless power of the heart and embracing a life filled with love, purpose, and fulfillment.

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Journey to Love | Part One

Heartfull Meditation and Lifestyle, founded by Savitri, offers transformative techniques to connect with the heart chakra and love, born from Savitri's own journey through tragedy. In this workshop, participants learn unique meditation practices and lifestyle adjustments to live a heartfull life, starting a journey of healing, resilience, and profound transformation.

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Healthy Eyes & Vision

Explore the world of eye health at our workshop. Gain insights into maintaining optimal vision, receive professional guidance, and discover practical tips. Join Aadil Palkhivala's workshop to prioritize your ocular wellness today.

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Intro to Heartfull Meditation

Savitri is the creator of Heartfull® Meditation & the Align and Shine Snack Techniques. After the horrifying events of her life, including her parents death in a plane crash when she was 16 and her sisters murder shortly after, she dove deep within to get answers. Since the 1980s she discovered the techniques that saved her life, and has been teaching these techniques to others in need. She teaches classes on the evolution of the mind through logical active meditation methods available to all. These unique techniques can only be taught by certified Heartfull Meditation teachers who have studied under Savitri directly. Savitri is also the co-founder of the Heartfull World Foundation, co-owner of the Alive & Shine Yoga Space and teaches rare online workshops.

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Yoga for Upper Back Pain

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