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Healthy Eyes & Vision

Explore the world of eye health at our workshop. Gain insights into maintaining optimal vision, receive professional guidance, and discover practical tips. Join Aadil Palkhivala's workshop to prioritize your ocular wellness today.

Rent Workshop for $100
Yoga For Low Back Pain Featured Image

Yoga for Upper Back Pain

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Rent Workshop for $90
Yoga For Low Back Pain Featured Image

Yoga for Low Back Pain

Sitting is considered the new smoking, making lower-back pain one of the most common ailments you hear about these days! Our sedentary lifestyle makes our back stiff and our muscles become tight, inflexible and oh, so painful, over time. Aadil, a master of lower-back pain relief, will teach you 5 simple ways you can relieve your back pain or prevent it! These stretches and strengtheners will elongate your taxed and stiff hamstrings, open up your hip flexors and relieve tension in your inner and outer hips. This class is designed to give you simple, powerful and effective tools to unwind your lower back tension immediately! Tell all your family and friends to sign up. Open to all levels.

Rent Workshop for $500.00